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iLounge Reviews BASE for iPad Air 2

SKECH is Getting Ready for The next Apple Devices


The time for an announcement from Apple is here!

With an online snowball rumors and a non-precedent amount of leaked information from respectable industry sources, the south California based iconic corporation is at it again- announcing its product line for the last quarter of 2014.

In classic Apple style, no information has been released to the general public, however one thing is certain:

Times are changing. And one core market maker is set out to re-define the boundaries. Again. At least so does the rumors claim.

Having its announcements made on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in southern California, there is no surprise that the September Event held by Apple attracts the focus of smartphone consumers, gadget lovers, investors and anyone who enjoys a honed presentation delivered.

One thing is most definitely certain. There will be an unveiling of at least one new device to go commercial by the end of this month: a 4.7" Screen size iPhone.

SKECH is readying the shelves with some of its leading cases including a Clear Crystal case which is a fitted, transparent hard shell that will let the natural colors of the iPhone 6 transpire on through.

Also to be expected is the ICE case- a rubberized version of the accredited Glow Case, will be available in 6 vibrant cool colors.

Alongside the anticipated new sized iPhone, Apple enthusiasts have been patiently awaiting the brand to enter into the health and fitness category. Anticipation for the first iWatch is on the rise. With talks of an Elegant , Flexible OLED screen equipped with an NFC Chip, will most likely to change the way users be able to pay attention to the way they monitor their physical condition and just easily and plainly pay for goods wiliest shopping.

About SKECH®
SKECH is a design driven, colorful company that introduces the newest developments in fashion and technology for perfectly crafted accessories for smartphones and tablets. Quality-Color-Design. That's the SKECH way.
The SKECH logo is a registered trademark of SKECH Marketing Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2008-2013. For more information about the upcoming launch, contact us at -----






SKECH Plans a Quality Selection of Cases for The Newly Released Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S5 was released with rave reviews at MWC 2014 in Barcelona. The S5 is very similar in design to the S4 with a 1080p Super AMOLED panel, but is slightly larger in size at 5.1 inches. In addition, the new design comes with some impressive new features. The new Galaxy device features a fingerprint scanner, which Samsung has partnered with Paypal on to implement secure online payments through their service. The camera has also been improved with a 16 megapixel rear camera. Also to note is its IP67 certification - the water resistant nature of the device is a feature other large companies are beginning to explore as well. Another significant piece of hardware that has been implemented is a heart rate sensor -which can monitor your pulse and record your movement and food history.

With Samsung's Galaxy S5 unveiling, accessory companies are right behind with a selection of their own products. SKECH, a case and accessory company located in San Diego, CA is one company who has a variety in-store for the device.

Speaking with Product Manager, Gadi Zuckerman, he shared a bit about the new SKECH line for Galaxy S5. "We are preparing a selection of new designs and colors we are really excited about."

The collection will include several of SKECH's best-sellers including their soft, flexible case Groove in a couple new knockout colors as well as the two-piece selection; Hard Rubber, Sugar, and Shine. What's impressive about the 2-piece collection is the twist they have created. The structure is not the same as to what you are used to - it's been greatly improved. The removable bottom piece is smaller, more elegant, and you can hardly see there is a line separating the two pieces.

An exciting addition to the SKECH line is the Polo Book. This book-style case offers complete protection of your Galaxy S in a leather-look design. The cover features the on/off feature and opens and closes easily with the help of a gentle magnetic flap. Inside the case you will find space for all your credit cards and extra cash. The case even doubles as a viewing stand.

The Galaxy S5 device is expected to hit shelves the beginning of April, and SKECH's collection for Galaxy S5 will be ready then in stores near you.







San Diego, California - January 10, 2014 - SKECH, who is a leading player in accessories for smartphones and tablets, showed off a selection of new designs at the yearly convention, CES held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

First off, SKECH presented several new colors for its bestselling case, Hard Rubber. The new colors include Chrome, Smoke, Champagne, and Pine, which are all available for both the iPhone 5/5s and the iPhone 4/4s.

Remember the case, Glow? Well this favorite has now gone soft touch. SKECH has combined its durable, highly recommended Glow case with the soft touch Hard Rubber. The case even comes in several bright, attractive colors for the iPhone 5/5s.

SKECH also introduced an innovative, customizable design - Flux for the iPhone 5/5s. This case combines a duo-material structure for protection with a design insert easily placed into the back of the case. The design insert comes in a variety of interesting, fun designs offering customers the ability to customize their case experience.

Playing off the customer request for more pattern inspired designs, Fabrics for iPhone 5/5s offers an amazing range of colors, patterns, and styles in a fabric covered back. Fabrics is sturdy and protective, yet incredibly good looking. Definitely a must-have this coming spring season!

Onto iPad cases... and the Porter is back! This case is now available for the iPad Air and iPad mini Retina Display in both black and pink. The new design has been improved with more sturdy ridges to place your iPad in several viewing and typing positions as well as the hand strap is now able to be securely fastened to the case for a more comfortable holding position.

It can no longer be ignored - SKECH has now begun designing cases for the Samsung tablet collection. Covering the variety of sizes, SKECH has started with its bestselling case, the SkechBook. Think, light and incredibly attractive, this case will undoubtedly bring the Samsung tablets to the next level.

Also to be expected soon is Duro Glass for the iPhone 5/5s. Duro Glass is a screen shield made from PMMA material that looks and feels just like glass. It is unique in the sense that it won't shatter or scratch and provides clear, dependable protection for your screen. What is most noticeable about this case is that when installed, there are no air bubbles to be seen. A major plus!

About SKECH®
SKECH is a design driven, colorful company that introduces the newest developments in fashion and technology for perfectly crafted accessories for smartphones and tablets. Quality-Color-Design. That's the SKECH way.

The SKECH logo is a registered trademark of SKECH Marketing Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2008-2013. For more information about SKECH products, contact us at
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SKECH offers a wide variety of quality cases for the iPad Air

If you liked the iPad 4 but found it too large or enjoyed the iPad mini but found it a bit too small, you'll be delighted by Apple's latest release - the iPad Air. It's an upgrade in every sense of the word.

Like the iPad mini - in terms of features and specs, the iPad Air is slimmer and lighter than the iPad 4 with a 10" screen. A new iPad means new cases, so let's look at what SKECH, the leading case maker has in store.

Flipper is currently one of the bestselling products in the SKECH line. It has now been redesigned for the iPad Air. The Flipper which offers all around protection is a hard back shell with a smart front cover that turns into a stable duo-position stand for typing and viewing angles. The colors include black, pink, gray, red, blue, and navy.

The Flipper's cozier cousin is the Fabric Flipper, which has a soft fabric coating the front cover. It will be released in black, blue, red and purple.

The ‘take it wherever you go' case, the Porter will be released in black but soon will be available in several other must-have colors.

The incredibly successful SKECHBOOK has been launched for the iPad Air by popular demand. The SKECHBOOK is the artist journal of cases, which is said to enhance one's creativity. You have to see and feel the SKECHBOOK to understand why it is so popular.

About SKECH®
SKECH is a design driven, colorful company that introduces the newest developments in fashion and technology for perfectly crafted accessories for smartphones and tablets. Quality-Color-Design. That's the SKECH way.

The SKECH logo is a registered trademark of SKECH Marketing Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2008-2013. For more information about the upcoming launch, contact us at
To check out the SKECH line for iPad Air click here >>



Apple has recently launched their latest innovation in iPhone devices that caters to a wider audience in terms of price. The new iPhone 5C is a colorful design that is less expensive than their other devices offered. SKECH, a leading innovator in smartphone accessories is quick to launch a whole range of cases that not only show off the brightness of the new iPhone 5C but also match the wallet of the target users.

Let's look at the new collection:

Bello is SKECH's newest case design- it is a transparent hard shell that comes with a hardwearing duo-material combination. The clear nature of the Bello is purposely designed to show off the new bright colors of the iPhone 5C. In addition, the case will include a raised rim and enhanced button coverage for complete shock absorbent protection.

Slim is the barely-there case that offers slim line protection with minimal bulk. The Slim gives full access to the touch screen and all ports and controls. It will be released in 7 colors, including the colors of the new iPhone 5C as well as a transparent case that allows the iPhone colors to shine through. Slim is incredibly silky and soft to the touch.

The best-selling 2-piece Hard Rubber case will also be available for the iPhone 5C in Black, Navy Blue, and Pink. The case is soft to the touch and snugly fits around the iPhone for ultimate comfort and slim-line protection.

Groove - the funky, retro-style case is made from a sleek, absorbent material that is designed with the iPhone customer in mind. It's a flexible, playful design that provides the necessary protection you need.

SKECH's Product Manager, Gadi Zuckerman shared, "By customizing cases for the new iPhone 5C, we are respecting the integrity of what Apple has tried to achieve. For example, the transparent Bello shows off the bright colors of the iPhone. The key is to accentuate the positive."

About SKECH®
SKECH is a design driven, colorful company that introduces the newest developments in fashion and technology for perfectly crafted accessories for smartphones and tablets. Quality-Color-Design. That's the SKECH way.
The SKECH logo is a registered trademark of SKECH Marketing Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2008-2013. For more information about this product, contact us at -----


SKECH is Getting Ready for The New Apple Devices

The Excitement Builds with Apple's Coming Release of the iPhone 5c, the iPhone 5s and the iPad 5.
The rumor mill is in overdrive again, as teasing snippets of information emerge about Apple's exciting new product releases for the latter part of 2013.

Apple's launch this year is a surprising one in that the release of the iPhone 5s will be closely followed by a colored iPhone - ‘iPhone 5c' as some are calling it. Soon to follow will be the release of the iPad 5, a cross between the iPad 4 and the diminutive iPad mini.

In classic Apple style, no information has been released to the general public, but from several unintentional leaks we can tell you this: The iPhone 5c is expected to be the best priced iPhone on the market. It will suit most pockets and will be specially targeted to a younger audience. From certain angles the iPhone 5c looks a lot like the iPhone 5, however the entire back is made from plastic. The device will come in a range of bright colors; red, yellow, green, blue and white. It's anticipated to have a 4" screen, a back similar to the iPod 5th Generation, and a shape similar to the iPod classic.

SKECH is readying the shelves with some of its leading cases including Slim, which will be available in colors that match the iPhone 5c as well as a transparent version that will show off the iPhone. Also to be expected is the Shine with a glossy white finish, our funkiest case Groove, the bestselling Hard Rubber, and our newest transparent addition, Bello. This case is a fitted, transparent hard shell that will let the natural colors of the iPhone 5c shine on through.

The iPhone 5S will look the same as its glamorous predecessor the iPhone 5, but with some extra fine tuning. The device will offer a dual-LED flash, longer battery life, improved retina display - an upgrade in every sense of the word. SKECH cases for the iPhone 5 will fit the iPhone 5s, catering to the dimensions of the phone and the dual-LED flash.

The iPad 5, also expected to be released later this fall is a thinner and lighter design than the iPad 4, but a bit larger than the iPad mini. Some say the iPad 5 will be designed to wirelessly charge, while others say it will vibrate when messages come in. One thing's for sure, if you want a light and fast machine - the iPad 5 is talking your language. SKECH will be supplying the striking Flipper case along with its cozy cousin, the Fabric Flipper. Also expected is the BackShell now with a transparent design with a UV protective coating and the popular SkechBook which proved its success with the iPad mini.

About SKECH®
SKECH is a design driven, colorful company that introduces the newest developments in fashion and technology for perfectly crafted accessories for smartphones and tablets. Quality-Color-Design. That's the SKECH way.
The SKECH logo is a registered trademark of SKECH Marketing Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2008-2013. For more information about the upcoming launch, contact us at -----


The New Face of Protection Now Available in Leather

KAMEO, the highly durable case made by leading gadget accessory company SKECH, has now been launched for the iPhone 5 in a luxury leather finish.

KAMEO, which has been highly recommended by iLounge with an A- rating, is an intriguing case with highly innovative features that have never been combined in a case of this nature. The KAMEO Leather combines three hard wearing materials within the case; tough reinforced side panels with a soft, rubbery internal frame providing shock absorbency, and a genuine leather back panel.

The back panel is made from genuine leather and features a wallet slot; perfect for carrying a few credit cards or business cards. The removable back panel design introduces an entirely new world of design to the protection of iPhone devices. Choose from a luxurious color range of back panels. KAMEO Leather is designed for long lasting durability and of course, the utmost protection for your iPhone 5.
No need for a wallet, choose KAMEO Leather.

About SKECH®

SKECH is a design driven, colorful company that introduces the newest developments in fashion and technology for perfectly crafted accessories for smartphones and tablets. Quality-Color-Design. That's the SKECH way.
The SKECH logo is a registered trademark of SKECH Marketing Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2008. For more information about this product, contact us at
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BluePulse fuses innovative features and a high-grade battery for extra-long life.

San Diego, California, July 8, 2013 - SKECH, who is a leading player in the world of high-spec accessories for smartphones and tablets, has just launched a street-style wireless headset that uses Bluetooth® instead of wires to connect to your device.

BluePulse is universal, meaning you can connect it to any device that is Bluetooth® enabled. The headset connects easily and once connected, it then automatically reconnects to the device.
You can listen to and control your music wirelessly, directly from your device. With features like skip, forward, play, and pause. You can talk on your phone with the built-in high clarity microphone. You can control your phone, tablet, and even tell Siri what you want without ever touching your device.

BluePulse offers an amazing level of accurate sound and range for personal listening. The sound from the headphones is true to the original with no distortion or frequency loss - Pure clarity and high-fidelity.

Comfort is king with SKECH's BluePulse headset. The ear pads are soft and the headset is adjustable to fit you perfectly. The headset is made from a light, flexible material that is long lasting and durable. The battery provides long life - charge it using a USB connector and then talk non-stop for up to 11 hours or listen to music for up to 10 hours. Charge and use!
SKECH, designing excellence for everyday use.

About SKECH®
SKECH is a design driven, colorful company that introduces the newest developments in fashion and technology for perfectly crafted accessories for smartphones and tablets. Quality-Color-Design. That's the SKECH way.
The SKECH logo is a registered trademark of SKECH Marketing Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2008-2013. For more information about this product, contact us at
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The Galaxy’s Getting Smaller – Introducing the SKECH Line for the New Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Remember the days when bigger was better? They are far behind us. Samsung Galaxy has now gone mini. SKECH launches several new cases to protect the mini.

Samsung is releasing today the new S4 mini for users with smaller pockets. And of course if you're going to have a smaller smartphone you're going to need to be tough on protection. That's where SKECH comes in with several exciting new cases for the new Galaxy mini.

SKECH, the innovative leaders in Smartphone accessories is launching new products for users that have the new GS4 mini. Customers looking for slim and mini will favor SKECH's Slim line. Slim is one of SKECH's bestselling products that comes in a variety of mouthwatering colors with a silky irresistible finish. Slim is streamlined, light, and hard shelled to deliver maximum protection to the mini.

For users that want a softer, groovier shell, there's the shock absorbent Groove. Just like the Slim, it comes with a raised rim to protect the screen of the mini on the outside. The case is minimalistic and ergonomically designed to trace the smooth lines of the phone. The design is out of this galaxy!

SKECH will be launching further products over the coming months for the new smaller Galaxy, so stay updated via the SKECH website.



SKECH Launches a Variety of Galaxy S4 Accessories


The Galaxy S4 was launched with much fanfare at Radio City in New York. Samsung showed off some of its dazzling new features that have been incorporated into the S4. For one, there is an eye-tracking sensor in the phone that follows eyes movement and can pause automatic scrolling of a webpage if the eye looks away. The ‘moving beyond touch' feature will certainly help the Korean company who is making the handset available to 327 mobile operators in 125 countries. Samsung is set to increase their market share from what is currently 16% to Apple's 25%. With an increase in phones, users need more choice of accessories for the device. SKECH, the design manufactures of smartphone cases have put more emphasis on this Samsung launch than any other.

SKECH in total plans to launch a variety of cases for the Galaxy S4 - a real selection of designs to suit every user's taste and pocket. Hard Rubber and Shine are the two-piece hard shell cases, which have soft touch and shiny finishes respectively. Slim is the ergonomically designed case that follows the thin lines of the S4 without increasing its dimensions. Groove is a retro style case for the Galaxy S4 that is minimalistic in structure, with interesting designs and made from a protective, flexible material. The GripShock, which will be available at a later date is a highly textured woven case that is shock absorbent and comes in a bright range of colors.

Exciting times ahead for smartphone fans with the two smartphone giants competing against one another to bring out more fascinating features. With new phone designs to come, expect more exciting ways to protect your device with case-makers like SKECH.

Samsung Gets Unpacked for Galaxy S4

Technology fans of the world unite, as the Samsung Galaxy S4 is released in New York. If you have passed Times Square recently you'll have noticed that Samsung has been teasing their S4 with black and white posters. Does this mean the handset will be black and white?

More rumors, whispers, and leaked photographs are being circulated. It is almost certain that the new device will have a 5-inch HD screen with an awesome resolution of 1920x1080.

No one in the industry has advanced information on the launch of the S4, unless you believe the leaks and supposed sneak preview photographs. So how does a case maker like SKECH get cases ready for a new device without knowing the specifications in advance?

Product Manager, Gadi Zuckerman told us:

"It's kind of like a magic trick, sifting through the leaks and the gossip mill, and coming up with our own imaged idea of the next device. Obviously we plan our new products as close to this imaging as we can. Then comes the launch and inevitably, the scramble. There is literal chaos in the SKECH offices, where we amend and adjust our product specifications to match the new device." He went on to say:

"It's like adrenaline city in our offices on launch day; I personally love the launch day buzz".

SKECH will be launching new products for the S4 including; Groove, Custom Jacket and Slim. Then they will also launch their bestselling collections from the iPhone range for the S4, both Hard Rubber and Shine.

By the way, if you want to "attend" the event, you can do through this link:

Changing The Face of Protection - KAMEO for the iPhone 5


Sometimes a concept case comes along that just works. The buzz created around the KAMEO was overwhelming. The KAMEO which was previously launched for the iPhone 4 is now available for the iPhone 5. It is one of the most protective cases offered by SKECH, the leading innovators of accessories for the iPhone and iPad.

But that's not all; the real concept behind the KAMEO is the changing face. Imagine buying a case and being able to change the look of it - Almost like getting two cases for the price of one. That's the KAMEO; it has a removable back panel which clicks out. SKECH have created a whole line of interchangeable panels for users to be able to build up a collection and customize their case on a whim. They have even incorporated an extra black back panel into the package to get users started.

When users buy a case, they consider visual appearance as much as they do the protective power of the case. The KAMEO is built with a combination of 3 different materials, offering the ultimate in protection. The case incorporates shock absorbency on the sides with a reinforced frame, a raised rim to protect the front screen, and a heavy duty back panel.

KAMEO gives full access to the charging dock, camera, headphone jack, and all controls. The functionality of this case is a key aspect of SKECH's design.
The KAMEO is changing the face of protection.

The Italian Stallion of iPhone 5 cases - Lisso and Lisso Book

The Challenge: To create an elegant, upscale leather case that would appeal to a range of users at an affordable price.

The Result: The Lisso and Lisso Book. There's something special about these designer cases. It could be the feel of the finest quality leather that has gone into their making or even the overall design, which wraps around the iPhone 5 like a second skin. It also could be the slimness of the cases, which enhances the low-profile, streamlined look of the iPhone 5.

The Lisso by SKECH is a case that complements the iPhone 5. It's a sleeve case, so the iPhone 5 slips in smoothly, while the case hugs the sides of the device preventing it from falling out. The Lisso gives full access to the face of the iPhone 5 as well as all ports and controls. The Lisso combines the elegance of Italian leather with its natural protective quality. This case has a slim profile and doesn't add any bulk to the iPhone 5. The Lisso contains a slot for credit cards or business cards.

The Lisso Book is built on the same premise as the Lisso, except with a book style closure to protect the screen of the iPhone 5. It gives the appearance of a mini leather bound book. It's an expertly protective case, adding very little weight to the iPhone 5.

Two designer cases for the iPhone 5 at a realistic price.


Good Workmen Can Now Blame Their Tools with the SkechBook

There's a saying about bad workmen blaming their tools, but there is no such saying about good tools enhancing the user experience. There should be. Think about it for a moment, if you were an artist or an architect, you would require a basic minimum of tools to conduct your work.

Even as an athlete you would require decent sneakers to run in. You may be using your iPad in hundreds of different ways. Research has shown that some people use the mini mainly for internet and email, while others user the iPad to write, read, and create images. The SkechBook for iPad mini is not just a protective case; it's a creative experience for the iPad mini.

The SkechBook was based on an artist's journal, in terms of its look and feel. It fully wraps around the iPad mini, yet leaves open access to all ports and controls. It has a textured feel to it and opens and closes just like an artist journal. The device rests inside a rigid frame which holds it firmly in place and safeguards the mini. The iPad mini can be removed in one smooth action from the inside frame.

The cover of the SkechBook folds back into a stable, multi-position stand giving the user perfect viewing and browsing angles. The SkechBook now has been released in a whole range of vibrant new colors including Deep Purple, Sky Blue, and Awesome Pink. The case is minimalistic in terms of look, and it's one of the lightest and slimmest cases available for the iPad mini.

The SkechBook can trigger creativity. Give it a try. Do something different today on your iPad mini.


iPad mini Released and the SKECH Process Gets Underway

If you have just gone and bought yourself the New iPad, you may be kicking yourself just about now. Apple have done it again and delighted the fans with the latest device added to their ever-increasing portfolio - the iPad mini.

The major feature of the iPad mini, that consumers will notice, is the new size and weight. The iPad has shrunk to just 7.2mm thick with a weight of just 308g. What's more is that the screen of the mini has a 7.9-inch, 1,024 x 768 - this is the same exact resolution as the iPad 2. Now although it doesn't feature a retina display as in the new iPad, the good news is that because of the size of the screen, the quality of the picture on the mini will look even better than the iPad2.

The ultimate beauty of the iPad mini is that it's much easier to handle. It can be used and held with one hand, taking photos and videos with the iPad no longer needs to be an embarrassing and clunky act. The mini feels strong and durable to be carried throughout your day without feeling fragile.

As always after the launch of a new Apple product the accessory makers scramble to be the first to market, to offer protective and functional cases for the device, the iPad mini is no different. Teams of designers, engineers and manufacturers race to release their offering. One such market leader is SKECH who have launched the SkechBook for the iPad mini. SKECH worked on this case for nearly half a year to ensure that they were live with an excellent product in time for the iPad being available to consumers. The process is an interesting one and covers three continents across concept, design, prototype, quality assurance, product release and marketing. An incredible amount of manpower goes into the making of the SkechBook.

The case proves to be highly effective at protecting the device inside, while visually the case is stylish and looks exactly like an artist's journal - both the feel and the look. This case has a rigid internal frame which holds the mini tightly yet simply slides out at the whim of the consumer. The case complements the weight and slimness of the mini and the book closure style adds to the functionality and usability of the iPad mini. I was lucky enough to be able to watch part of the process from concept to prototype to release and was even given a SkechBook case at the end of it. Now it just remains for me to get the iPad mini.

SKECH announce the launch of their new iPhone 5 collections

SKECH, one of the market leaders in iPhone accessory-wear launch their new collections for the iPhone5, under the banner "led by design, designed to protect".

The new range of cases for the iPhone 5 place emphasis on design innovation and high-end protection. The cases are to be launched in stints with the first phase of cases already launched.

These are, the Groove Case which mimics the lines of the iPhone 5 to keep the minimalistic feel of the phone. The Groove is a flexible shock absorbent case which gives the user full access to all the ports, controls and camera. The nature of the material of Groove protects the iPhone from any number of accidents like drops, bumps and scratches.

The GripShock which is already very popular among iPhone 5 users has a material based on the texture of woven mesh. This forms reinforcement for the case which proves shock absorbent and highly protective. The mesh design is a firm favorite with SKECH clients.

The next stint of iPhone 5 cases released will include the Hard Rubber, already a proven bestseller for the iPhone 4 has been restructured to offer ultimate protection for the latest iPhone. New colors have been added to the soft-touch Hard Rubber collection which suits all tastes.

Shine the slim hard-shell case for the iPhone 5 is also due to be released shortly. This is a metallic, electric looking case which due to its slimness adds no extra bulk to the slim design of the iPhone 5 but protects it diligently.

The third stint sees the launch of the exciting new cases KAMEO and Glow which were launched for the iPhone 4 to fanfare and rave reviews. KAMEO, defined by SKECH as the "Superhero of all Cases" is made from a combination of three materials for superior protection. It also has a removable back piece which can be replaced with other designs at the whim of the user.

The Glow is made from 2 materials to protect the iPhone front, back and sides. It has raised rims to protect the screen, soft shock absorbent sides and hard back and side panels to offer uncompromised protection. The design of Glow is minimalistic and reflects the design of the iPhone 5.

For more information on any of these collections email

SKECH launch the much-talked about KAMEO and Glow cases for iPhone 4S

This month sees the launch of SKECH's latest products for the iPhone 4/4S, the KAMEO and the Glow.

The KAMEO who's slogan "Protection has a new face" has been well hyped in the form of viral videos and advertising teasers. It's the most protective case in the SKECH collection.The KAMEO, which has been deemed as "the superhero of iPhone 4S cases", is unlike any other case on the market. For one, the KAMEO has a changing back piece, which by popping it out and replacing it with a new back piece changes the look of the phone. SKECH will be offering limited edition packaging with an extra case inside as part of the launch.

The other feature of KAMEO which places it uniquely, is the composition of materials which go into the creation of the product. Three materials form the body, the frame and the back panel of the case; each one designed explicitly to match the protection requirements of the phone. The changeable back panel is made from an interesting foam-like material which is extremely shock absorbent and durable. The frame of the case is a hard polycarbonate material that protects around the device and there is a second shock absorbing reinforced layer inside the frame for further protection.

Glow for iPhone 4S is an eye-catching product with an interesting appeal. It's the kind of accessory for people that don't want to hide their phone in a conservative case. It's bright and very protective as it's made form a combination of two materials. One of which surrounds the body of the phone and the other which frames the case in a softer shock absorbent material.

The case slips on and doesn't add any extra bulk to the phone. A lot of thought has gone into the making of the phone to fit the needs of the user, including open access to screen, ports and all controls and superb grip, so no phone slippage.

For more information about these two innovative products speak to

Samsung Galaxy SIII- We Review the Device

We were very privileged to be able to preview the Galaxy SIII which was due for launch on the 29th May, with already millions of devices on pre-order.
As long-term fans of the iPhone 4S we were curious as to how the new Galaxy would compare. Our findings were extremely favorable. Samsung have touted their new device as, 'inspired by nature - it sees, listens, responds, and allows you to share the greatest moments'. Perhaps a tall order, and with a claim like this you'll no longer need friends, but let's get back to basics.
A phone should:


The Samsung Galaxy SIII comes in two brushed polycarbonate finishes, Brushed White and Pebble Blue, this is where the nature element comes in. We personally preferred the look of the Pebble Blue and in fact the shape of the new Galaxy has rounded corners giving it a softer pebble-like feel. The battery panel is removable and also comes adorned in the brushed polycarbonate for a great-looking exterior.


The dimensions of the phone are 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm, and yet manage to allocate a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen. The phone is lightweight, weighing in at only 133grams and the frame of the screen has been made narrower to give even more space to the screen. Buttons such as the oval shaped home screen, menu screen and volume are great additions to the Samsung Galaxy and there's a microSD slot, meaning the option to expand the memory by a further 64 GB. Combined with the internal memory of 64 GB this gives you a dazzling memory of 128GB right in the palm of your hand.
The texture and contours of the phone feel great and are comfortable both in your pocket and in your hand.


Well there's a lot we could say about the intuitive functionality of the Android but we'll leave that for another time. We will though focus on the improved front and rear cameras which are respectively 2 pixel and 8 pixels for excellent shots, plus the screen will be brighter and more high-res. to give more accurate and lifelike images while still using less battery power than before.
So for us, the New Samsung Galaxy SIII is a definite boom and we have developed new cases to protect the SIII including the New Groove case, the GripShock, the flexible shock absorbent case that gives a good grip, the Hard Rubber, one of our most popular sellers and the Custom Jacket Flip, for an elegant touch with all-round protection. Those will be coming soon, in the meantime we'll let Samsung do their thing, while we do ours.

We'd be glad to hear your feedback on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, either through:
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The New Gel Shock - one funky case, one great price

Gel shock, one of SKECH's flagship products has been relaunched as the all-new Gel Shock. Among the changes that you will see with the new Gel Shock are the new design and colors.

These days even kids carry mobile phones. So who needs to protect their phones more than children? Because of the amazing price point of the Gel Shock it's perfect for everyone from 7 to 70.
The Gel Shock has been redesigned to allow maximum exposure from the iPhone camera flash. You'll notice the quality of the pictures that you'll take with the new case on will drastically improve.
Another change is that it's been made to sit tighter around the phone - while it's still easy to apply and remove, the case hugs the phone closer. This means it's even more protective than the original Gel Shock.
The all-new Gel Shock has been launched in ten fresh new colors - one for every day of the week, and then some!
The Gel Shock is great to touch, easy to grip and really nice to look at.

SKECH are pleased to announce the release of new products for the New iPad

The California based designer of premium products for the iPad and iPhone have gone-to-market with a variety of their bestselling cases, specially adapted for the new iPad, as well as a launch of completely new products.

According to the Product Manager of SKECH, Gadi Zuckerman, "once a SKECH customer always a SKECH customer". He says,
"A lot of our business is returning customers. Our emphasis is on lifetime customer value; this is manifested by making our customers fall in love with the SKECH brand as well as the high quality and varied products we offer."
Statistics show that fans of Apple products often update to the latest device model, people can stand in line at the launch of a new product for hours, and that's also true of the iPad fans. These fans expect the same quality and dedication offered by the manufacturers of the protective cases, as these have the ability to prolong the life of the device.

SKECH have launched the following products for the new iPad: The Blueboard - the case with a detachable wireless keyboard, the bestselling Porter and the Flipper - the case with a back shell and smart front flip in one, as well as the Custom Jacket for the more professional user. These are fully compatible with the new iPad, including features such as the smart on/off function which turns the device on automatically by opening the flip and turns it off by closing it.
The Marketing Director, Kfir Ben Shushan conducted a lot of research on the adaptability of new iPad cases to the smart features within the device. He said,
"I tested a lot of new cases on the market and found that a great percentage were not offering features such as the automatic wake/sleep function. It seems Apple changed the polarity of the magnets in the device which affected this function. For us it was an absolute necessity to offer this, it's something our users have come to expect".
SKECH also launched a brand new product called the Fabric Flipper, currently only available to the iPad 3 users. It a smart front flip attached to a protective backshell in one, coated with a soft, easy clean fabric - a product that puts emphasis on a partnership between design and protection.

SKECH assure us, there are even more unique products coming soon.

Why Everyone’s Talking about SKECH in 2012

This year SKECH debuted some of their newest products, including the TRAX which is made from recycled tire tubing, KAMEO, the heavy duty case with a removable back and Glow for iPhone 4.
In addition SKECH altered the camera lens cutout on all their two-piece cases to work with the new iPhone 4S camera released by Apple.

That's not to mention the eye-catching exhibition booth, which was made to look like a graphic equalizer. The equalizer bars were created by cases with lights flashing behind them; a touch of drama to an already eventful show.
SKECH who design and create their own iPhone, Smartphone and Tablet cases are also re-launching their website over the coming weeks. The site has undergone some dramatic changes. It has been designed to be more innovative, user friendly and eventually offer an online e-commerce solution for all SKECH products.

The Unveiling of the iPad 3

Apple takes a step and the rest of the world runs to catch up. Rumors are abounding as to the possible appearance and new features of the next generation of iPad. Talk is cheap and often the new release is beyond expectations. This time, talk is of a better screen resolution for gaming and photos, better cameras, faster processing time...perhaps the device size will change too, although with Apple keeping this information close to their chests until the very last moment how can one be prepared?

What is true though, is that as a manufacturer and designer of iPad protective cases, SKECH is always ready whatever the outcome. Speed of time-to-market time after a new apple release is of utmost importance. This explains why SKECH have become experts at quick product turnaround while maintaining the integrity and innovation of the product.

You can be sure that however the iPad looks and functions SKECH will deliver the best cases for it, in the entire marketplace with the quickest turnaround

SKECH Reinvents the Wheel with the TRAX for iPhone 4s

TRAX which is already creating a buzz in the industry is not available on the shelves until the end of the month. According to the Marketing Director of SKECH, Kfir Ben Shushan the delay was intentional.

"When our design team showed us their new prototype we all immediately knew we had something big on our hands. We wanted to show the product at CES, the industry event in Las Vegas although it was not yet ready to market. Frankly, we couldn't wait to debut it. We did the right thing and we're delighted with the positive reaction we have had from clients and reviewers alike. Clients have already started preordering TRAX. "

The process that goes into the making of the flip-top TRAX involves a number of steps to prepare what was once a simple tire tube to be reincarnated into a phone case. The beauty of using such a material, as well as all the environmental benefits is that no two cases are alike. Each one looks different from the other, which means the holder has the benefit of a completely unique product.

TRAX also contains an inner lining of felt to protect the screen and credit card slots which can replace the need for a wallet. The case is very protective to the device and the material which is rugged gives the device an urban feel and a longer life.


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